A Short-Lived Foamie RC Plane Called the T-32

T-32 Thunder

A few weeks ago I started to build a full-fuse foamie from Elmers’ foam board, Gorilla Glue and Plywood. It came along nicely and was looking good. I named it the T-32 Thunder. Unfortunately, on its maiden flight I crashed it because of strong winds. I believe it needed other changes for it to fly properly, anyways.

[twitpic id=37j3b8]

The wing survived the crash and I might rebuild the airplane someday. I still have a lot to learn.

[twitpic id=31du20] [twitpic id=31pc53] [twitpic id=335liy] [twitpic id=33dmtt] [twitpic id=33o96h] [twitpic id=33od3v] [twitpic id=33oe4h] [twitpic id=33ov9g]

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