Blue Super Cub NiMh


Model Manufacturer: HobbyZone
Model: Super Cub
Wingspan: 48 inches
Motor: Geared 480 Size Brushed
Receiver: HZ RX/ESC Combo
Servos:  2x ParkZone micro servos
Propeller: 10×6
Battery: 2200 mAh 3S 20C LiPo

This was my very first model. It is a stock HZ Super Cub with some reinforcements here and there and a big LiPo for power. I gave it a custom paint job and custom MAYDAY! decals. It flew very nicely since it was a little heavy. It came crashing down on its last flight in the summer of 2009. I will never forget that beautiful cub.

bluesc1 bluesc3 bluesc6 bluesc7 bluesc4 bluesc5

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