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March 2012 Update

Sadly, the MAYDAY blog has been very quiet lately. I’ve been flying and building but I just don’t have the time to keep updating the blog as much as I used to. I will make time soon, you can expect some videos in early April.

In the last couple of months and coming up:

  • Built a Parkzone Stryker F27C from parts with a Turnigy motor. Have to clock it but I guess about 70 MPH.
  • Fixed damaged Super Cub.
  • Started taking a lot more pictures and videos of everything (just haven’t had time to upload).
  • Planning to build a new plane or airboat from scratch.

As always, I’m available for flying around South Florida and for RC help via email or social networking. My number one goal with this site is to help RC pilots with issues I had and wished someone would help me with when I started flying three years ago.

You can email me, hit me up on Twitter @killerwin, PM me on, comment to this or any blog post or hit “Call Me” down there to connect to my cellphone.

Dead Simple Wing 30 and 24

Update: Down Time, More Blue Foam

I haven’t been doing much flying or building lately. I haven’t really had much time to do anything RC. In early August I flew this thing I finished like two months ago:

Under Side

It’s a Dead-Simple Wing made bigger and with blue foam and foamboard instead of Depron. It flew really nice on the following setup:

I’m also loving the OrangeRX R610 6-channel receivers (the ones with the sat port) on my DX6i. I have a Gravity Hobby 800 mAh 3S 25C LiPo that I bought specifically for this model that I’ve yet to try but it’s a lot lighter and delivers a bit more power.

I crashed it and need to repair it.

I first built a 24 inch one but I felt it was too tiny for the setup I wanted. I was right.

So that’s on a shelf until I figure out what to do with it. It’ll probably end up as the wing on another project. For now I’m trying to continue on this project:

It’s partly copied from the Phase III Squall but without the long end and it’ll have two vertical stabs. That shouldn’t be done anytime soon. I expect to finish it in 6-8 weeks or so; depends on how much time I have to work on it.

As always, follow me on Twitter (@killerwin) to keep up with my day-to-day dealings.


June Update: New Radio and Plane(s) to Come

Just a quick update about what I’ve been up to the past few weeks:

    • I bought a DX6i and am loving it. The HK T6a will go to a new flyer.
    • Got a few OrangeRx 6-channel receivers (pictured) for the new DSM2 radio. Will report on those later.
    • I’ve also started and finished construction on a new flying wing (pictured) made from foamboard. Flight video within a week or so.

More reviews of HobbyKing stuff coming, also some instructional videos on programming for best results and DX6i stuff, I’d like to concentrate on instructional videos more and start building with bluecor foam so watch for that.

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New Forums to Take-on Discussions

I’ve added a simple forum to help us discuss issues that may arise from topics written on the site. It’s nothing fancy and not intended to compete with the big guys. Its main roles will be to offer personalized help to my readers and to establish a stronger connection to my fellow Floridian RC hobbyists.

Please, feel free to introduce yourself and talk about whatever you’d like. If you’ve been meaning to ask me something but didn’t find the right medium to do so before, maybe it’s time you do so. I’ll stay on top of it and answer all questions quickly.

Please not that in order to post anything on the Forums you must be registered on the site, so if you haven’t done that yet, go ahead and sign up.

AMA Summary of Model-Full Scale Bipe Collision [VIDEO]

On August 14, 2010, a 43% AJ Slick collided with a full-scale biplane over a private air strip near Denver, Colorado, marking the start of numerous finger-pointing online forum discussions. A number of clips surfaced on, including a very detailed and clear video of the point of impact and immediate aftermath.

As most modelers and pilots expected, both, the AMA and FAA began investigating immediately. While the FAA is yet to realease an official report, the AMA has published their findings via the AMA Today monthly newsletter. In it, Rich Hanson explains the events and decisions leading to the mishap. Apparently the event coordinators decided to allow full-scale and model aircraft activities to resume at the same time, guided by a man with a transceiver communicating with the biplane pilot in the air and verbally with the model pilot on the ground.

As the biplane returned from another event, it came in for a low pass and went around the traffic pattern to land. The RC pilot resumed flying over the runway in a 3D hover. As the biplane came around, the pilot decided to abort the landing and make a second low-pass without informing the person with the transceiver. Since nobody knew this guy’s intentions, the RC plane continued to hover at the end of the runway at about 30-50 feet high. By the time the biplane’s pilot saw the RC model, it was too late and it split the $8000 model in half with its lower left wing, causing minor damage to his airplane and landing safely.

No one was injured but the irresponsibility shown by the FAA-certified pilot caused some guy a very expensive model and lots of hours of work. Being granted that this event wasn’t sanctioned or the lack of a spotter on the ground, this has to be blamed on not a single individual but a few bad decisions by a group of people. Lesson learned. Read the summary and make your own deductions.