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Understanding Transmitters – via

I just ran across a great series of articles written by Eric of where he explains in detail a lot about transmitters and how they work. He has made it very easy to understand for those who have never flown RC before or have little experience doing so. I’d like to share these articles with my readers since I know many of you are new to the hobby. Here are articles One, Two and Three.

  1. RC Transmitters Part 1 – Types of Transmitters, and what it all means
  2. RC Transmitters Part 2 – Binding and Model Memory
  3. RC Transmitters Part 3 – Dual Rates and Exponential

Neat Way to Solder EC3 Plugs

For many new RC pilots, soldering has to be one of the most dreaded tasks they can’t avoid forever. A fellow flyer, iflyforfun has made a video* on soldering EC3 plugs that makes it easy for just about anyone to solder them. His trick is simple yet very effective:

For more info about this video visit the thread at the Super Cub Club:

*please not that I did not make this video or help with it in any way; iflyforfun has allowed me to share it with you.

New U.S. Warehouse is opening a new warehouse in the U.S. on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010. Many RC hobbyists are, rightfully, worried about prices being higher than their Hong Kong warehouse. Well, DUH. HobbyKing has sold products from US warehouses before and they have been more pricey. The good thing is that you get your stuff quicker and you pay much less for shipping.

Now, don’t be discouraged, you can always keep shopping from their international warehouse and pay high for shipping half-way around The Earth and wait 2-4 weeks for your stuff…

Expect a follow-up article coming later this week, after the warehouse opens.

Authors Wanted

So I’m looking for someone (or sometwo) who flies RC and/or goes to RC events frequently around South Florida and would like to write  for MAYDAY! on occasion. This needs to be an individual who is a competent writer with excellent spelling and grammar.

I can’t go to many events but would like to continue the goal of promoting RC flight in South Florida. I need someone who can take photos and/or video at events or parks, club meetings, etc. Anything RC related can make it into the website as long as it’s well written and interesting.

No need to apply, just email the article to me using the form below and, if it’s good, I’ll make your user account an Author account so you can submit the article. It will appear on the MAYDAY!RC website just as mine do. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

Thanks – Erwin

[contact-form 1 “1st-Time-Author”]

How to Tweet to @rcfinder South Florida RC Twitter Group

@rcfinder is our very own South Florida Twitter resource for RC communication. It’s a Twitter group that lets any follower to post to it, allowing all other @rcfinder followers to receive the Tweet via their timeline and optionally via text message. We keep each-other updated by sharing events, videos, links, news and flying locations like parks, schools, etc.

You can post Tweets to @rcfinder, all you need to do is click “Follow” at, then send a Direct Message (DM @rcfinder) to the group with your post.
Here’s an example Direct Message:


Begin all tweets with “DM @rcfinder” and follow it with your message.
GroupTweet takes care of posting all Direct Messages received to the timeline in just minutes, like this:


Easy! If you enable Mobile Updates you receive all Tweets written to @rcfinder on your mobile device. So this opens up a new way to communicate amongst ourselves; you can now send your flying location to @rcfinder and others who see it can reply to you and possibly join you at the field.

Great. Enjoy it and if you have any questions contact @rcfinder or @maydayrc.