H29 Jet Flight

The H-29 Pushprop Jet by chara is a small park jet with a mid-mounted motor and taileron configuration. It uses only two servos and three channels. The thrust pushes directly through the tail, being slightly diverted by the elevons; giving this model superb performance similar to other, more complex, thrust-vectoring models. Last time I wrote about this plane I had flown it with a 7×5 APC prop and didn’t like the performance.

So I finally tested two other propellers with the 28-26 1360kv motor. Previously I had chosen a seven-inch propeller because I thought if I went up to the recommended eight-inch it would strike the wood dowels on the twin booms but later noticed there was plenty of clearance, so I got a GWS 8×6 and an APC 8×8 today and went out to test which would give me better performance. On the bench test, the GWS 8×6 seemed to give me much more thrust but I found out otherwise at the field.

APC propellers are built for speed. Once they reach enough RPMs, they produce efficient thrust. GWS propellers, in the other hand, are built for general-purpose and scale flight. They produce max thrust almost immediately but are slightly less efficient at higher RPMs.

Watch the video and enjoy.

Wondering how I shot the video and flew at the same time? Here’s the rig:

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3 thoughts on “H29 Jet Flight

  1. Erwin,
    I like the info, the how-to’s, etc. You may want to edit out the expletives from your video(s). Not everyone who comes to your site is an adult.

    1. Fred, thanks a ton for the praise! I try to help whenever I can. However, I don’t think I will censor any media I release on my blog. Whether it’s offensive to some or not, it’s how I choose to express myself and how I feel I can reach a wider audience/whatever my goal is. If any minors visit my website and/or watch my videos, I’m sure they won’t feel offended by my “bad” language or what I have to say. If they or any other reader feels offended or unhappy with what I have to say, they have the right to go somewhere else for their RC media and resources. Happy flying, man.

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