Mach-3 Foamy Build

I’m building the Mach-3 by chara. Its free plans are located in this RCGroups thread.

Tonight I got the 4mm foam from Dollar Tree and cut the pieces out. I glued the cockpit/fuselage together and the horizontal stab/elevator to the vertical stabs.

Things to-do this week or two:

  • Put in 3mm carbon-fiber rods (36 inches x 2) ┬áin main wing, vert stabs, elevator and down length.
  • Hinge all control-surfaces (ailerons and elevator – original version is elevon-mixed; something which I cannot do with my radio)
  • Cut-out canopy for battery access.
  • Glue back-half to front-half of plane.
  • Install servos and linkages
  • Build motor-mount
  • More…

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