Here are some helpful links to resources for flying, building, buying, choosing RC planes, great videos, people of interest, tips, forums, etc.

Add to this list / Corrections

If you think there’s a useful link missing from this list, or if you see an error (like a broken link or typo) you can leave a comment down at the bottom of the page and I will add/fix it as soon as possible. Even though I do not update the blog or make videos anymore, I will continue to update the resources here.

Airplane Plans

Websites with free or paid plans to help in building RC planes from scratch.

Beginner Resources

Important resources for new pilots and/or people interested in flying RC aircraft. Start here if you are new to the hobby or want to know more about RC aircraft.


Great blogs by RC pilots, designers and enthusiasts.

Buy & Sell


Discussion forums and bulletin boards for help with RC vehicles.

Information Resources

Websites full of great content all RC pilots should read.


Resources to help you find local fields, events, weather, meet local pilots, etc.

Social Networks

Communities where RC pilots come together to discuss RC and share photos, stories, events, etc.

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