New 26″ Park Jet Foamie – Intro

Here’s a little ParkJet I’m designing with some inspiration from @LIPOPILOT‘s S-28 Shadow. It’s a clipped-wing delta jet with one vertical stabilizer and air-foil wings. I’ve never designed my own foamie so I’d like your input

I’ll use the airfoil technique I saw LIPOPILOT use on his S-28; two layers of foam board: one with the paper removed. The bottom of the wing is flat and still has the paper, while the top of the wing is paperless and curved to the shape of the airfoil. The curve is achieved by a dowel between the two layers of foam. This worked great for him and I hope it does for me as well.

I have designed a sort of air-cooling system to cool the electronics. I first saw this idea on the X-41 foamie by T3chDad. The air enters the nose of the plane much like in the post-WWII Migs and flows through a square funnel-shaped fuselage to exit out of two exhaust vents near the rear. I’m not sure of the effects of this on aerodynamics and wether it will affect the flight characteristics at all.

On paper, it seems like it would work but I’ve never done anything like it before so I’d like your input on this idea. I’ve attached a couple of sketches with notes I’ve done so far. You can use this as you please. I’d like to see something come nice built from it. I have never done any plans for foamies or even designed my own so this is all guesswork from experience with other plans and kits.

I’m going to build the fullsize templates and start putting them together and see where it goes from there.


Here’s the .PDF:…etches0001.pdf

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