Mach-3 Foamy Build

I’m building the Mach-3 by chara. Its free plans are located in this RCGroups thread.

Tonight I got the 4mm foam from Dollar Tree and cut the pieces out. I glued the cockpit/fuselage together and the horizontal stab/elevator to the vertical stabs.

Things to-do this week or two:

  • Put in 3mm carbon-fiber rods (36 inches x 2) ┬áin main wing, vert stabs, elevator and down length.
  • Hinge all control-surfaces (ailerons and elevator – original version is elevon-mixed; something which I cannot do with my radio)
  • Cut-out canopy for battery access.
  • Glue back-half to front-half of plane.
  • Install servos and linkages
  • Build motor-mount
  • More…

Follow this build at RCG:

Where to Fly in South Florida?

A few of us RCG members have started a collection of parks and other public places in South Florida where we can fly safely. It includes addresses, maps, and other details about the parks. It’s located in the RCGroups forums and I have made it available here in the MAYDAY! website on the Flying Locations page.

Help us improve this list by adding your own experiences with parks and other places. Go to the RCG thread or leave us a comment here on the MAYDAY! website.

Flying Over the Lake [VIDEO]

Just got a MiniDV camera (MD80/B001) and shot a couple of videos this week over the lake here at The Moors in Miami Lakes.

HZ Super Cub Flying Over Miami Lakes, FL from Erwin P on Vimeo.

More flying at the lake. This time the camera is mounted on a swivel mount on the side of the fuselage. The mount kept tilting right and down so this video sucks; a lot. At least it was a clear day and winds under 3 knots.

HZ Super Cub over Miami Lakes, FL from Erwin P on Vimeo.

On-board video of my Hobbyzone Super Cub RC float plane flying from the lake at The Moors. Views of Opa-locka Airport (KOPF), SR828, Dade Christian Academy, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens. The camera is a MD80/B001/YSB001 MiniDV camera from Hong Kong.

HZ Super Cub Flying Over The Lake from Erwin P on Vimeo.

Went out again today and got more on-board video of my Hobbyzone Super Cub RC float plane flying from the lake at The Moors. I set up the camera on a wooden mount behind and 3 inches above the right float. I love the angle but the propeller kills it for me. I will not be using this location for the camera anymore.

Flying over Live Oak, Florida [VIDEO]

In early September I took a trip to see my family in Northern Florida and I couldn’t waste the opportunity to fly in the countryside. I packed up the Super Cub and took her along for the ride. While up there, I had many smooth flights, including some of extended length due to a few thermals and well-placed winds. Here’s a video on-board the Cub on a very windy flight.

Find Florida RC Events and Meetings using Twitter

Twitter users and pilots: now we can all find events and set up meetings using our very own Twitter Group. The place is and its purpose it to aid Florida Modelers in finding each other and setting up meeting at the spur of the moment. We can use our mobile devices to inquire to each other about when and where we’ll be flying or to sell parts and such.

Great little tool. Brought to you by MAYDAY! RC :)

Read all about how to use @rcfinder.

Amelia Earhart Park Unavailable

I was flying at the park accross the street where I live, the park I fly at two or three times a week, when a Park Ranger approached me and said I couldn’t fly there. I thought he meant THERE: in the spot I was flying, because I had never flown there. So he then says “There are no RC planes allowed in the park.” I said “I fly here all the time and have seen clubs flying internal combustion planes here, too.” I was flying my HobbyZone Super Cub, a park flyer. He said NO RC PLANES at all allowed because of an incident that happened sometime in early May, 2009.

Apparently, a local RC club that had been allowed to fly at Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah, the field we fly out of, has been banned from flying there and, with them, every RC plane. The story is that one of their members flew a nitro airplane into a tree and, instead of getting a ladder or using some reasonable method to retrieve the aircraft, cut the tree down with a chainsaw. Now no one can fly there.

That sucks since there are NO PUBLIC FIELDS IN MIAMI-DADE COUNTY. If pilots fuck things up for others like this, we won’t be able to fly anywhere but private club-owned fields.