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One Week of Super Cub Modifications

Spent a week doing little things here-and-there to the SC and ended up with a very different model :) I’m happy because I did a lot of stuff I had been meaning to do to it for a long time.

I only have pictures (and crappy ones!) because I lost my digital camera so I had to use my mobil phone.

The first thing I did was put flaps on. I used these hinges I had bought from HobbyKing like a year ago and didn’t know what to do with them because they sucked as “hatch hinges” like they had been advertised. I like them for flaps because I can make a single cut instead of having to bevel the edge of the flaps, thus keeping the wing totally free of indentations when the flaps are up.

Flaps up. You can barely tell they are there!

That was supposed to be IT. I just wanted to add flaps to the SC. I then thought “Hmm… I should put flapperons TOO!” so I did. I removed the Y-lead and installed two 200mm lead extensions on the servos to split the aileron channel in two. Then I mixed them together with two switches. So I can lower the flaps with or without the flapperons.

Flaps ONLY down
Flaps AND Flapperons down

I also mixed in down-elevator with the flaps and also on a switch to turn it on and off. You can see that in the two pictures above.

Now, my transforming Super Cub (hopefully) can slow down to a crawl.

But WAIT! There’s more! :D

I went up to the attic and found a few goodies in a bin! I found my old SC landing gear! I put those on, as you can see from those pics up there. I had been flying with the rear end of the floats set held on by screws!

I also found a brand new rudder in a pack that used to be a SC tail feathers kit. This rudder has a tail wheel on! AWESOME for me because I had cut off my old tail wheel when I was flying the SC with tricycle landing gear.

And something I had wanted to do for a long time: I counter-balanced the elevator and rudder, as found in many clipped wing cubs. I LOVE the look of that :)

Counter-balanced rudder and elevator

Of course I’m using the OrangeRx 6-ch receiver and taking up every single channel and every mix on the DX6i, including the gear mix, Mix 1 and Mix 2.

Every servo slot is used!

Actually I didn’t use the Flaps mix for reasons only known to me. lol. I can change it later if I feel I have to ;D

Top of the wing with flaps and flapperons down.

Step-by-step tutorials and videos on how to do all this will be coming soon. I just have to find my camera :(

My Favorite Control Horns

Control horns are the plastic pieces where the pushrods push and pull on the control surfaces. I like small, light horns that snap-on. I also glue them on for safety.

My favorite horn so far are the Light Weight Horns sold at HobbyKing. They are very small, about 17mm high from the base, snap-on with two pins and hold on tight. They have three position holes for the clevis.

Since I found them I have used these in all my foamies, including the Park Jet and Super Cub (ailerons). I would only recommend these for small and medium-sized models. For larger models, a bigger, stronger horn might be better suited.

Park Jet Sneak Peek

The foamie jet is coming along nicely. I’ve finished gluing the wing and fuselage. The vertical stabilizer is on and all that’s left is to cut the elevons before the electronics and parts arrive. I must say: it looks sexy! I can’t wait to see it in the air.

A bit of sad news: HobbyKing.com has announced a new “V2″ radio system to replace my radio so I think that system is canned. The receivers are out of stock and don’t seem to be coming back in. I think it’s time to invest in some kind of modular radio.

New 26″ Park Jet Foamie – Intro

Here’s a little ParkJet I’m designing with some inspiration from @LIPOPILOT‘s S-28 Shadow. It’s a clipped-wing delta jet with one vertical stabilizer and air-foil wings. I’ve never designed my own foamie so I’d like your input

I’ll use the airfoil technique I saw LIPOPILOT use on his S-28; two layers of foam board: one with the paper removed. The bottom of the wing is flat and still has the paper, while the top of the wing is paperless and curved to the shape of the airfoil. The curve is achieved by a dowel between the two layers of foam. This worked great for him and I hope it does for me as well.

I have designed a sort of air-cooling system to cool the electronics. I first saw this idea on the X-41 foamie by T3chDad. The air enters the nose of the plane much like in the post-WWII Migs and flows through a square funnel-shaped fuselage to exit out of two exhaust vents near the rear. I’m not sure of the effects of this on aerodynamics and wether it will affect the flight characteristics at all.

On paper, it seems like it would work but I’ve never done anything like it before so I’d like your input on this idea. I’ve attached a couple of sketches with notes I’ve done so far. You can use this as you please. I’d like to see something come nice built from it. I have never done any plans for foamies or even designed my own so this is all guesswork from experience with other plans and kits.

I’m going to build the fullsize templates and start putting them together and see where it goes from there.


Here’s the .PDF:

Mach-3 Foamy Build

I’m building the Mach-3 by chara. Its free plans are located in this RCGroups thread.

Tonight I got the 4mm foam from Dollar Tree and cut the pieces out. I glued the cockpit/fuselage together and the horizontal stab/elevator to the vertical stabs.



Things to-do this week or two:

  • Put in 3mm carbon-fiber rods (36 inches x 2) ┬áin main wing, vert stabs, elevator and down length.
  • Hinge all control-surfaces (ailerons and elevator – original version is elevon-mixed; something which I cannot do with my radio)
  • Cut-out canopy for battery access.
  • Glue back-half to front-half of plane.
  • Install servos and linkages
  • Build motor-mount
  • More…

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