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Stuff You Should Love: Dubro EZ Connectors

I hate Z-bending pushrods! It’s hard to get it right unless you have one of those expensive Z-bend pliers and it’s an impractical way to connect servo arms to control horns.

You know what I LOVE? I friggin’ love Dubro Kwik Grip EZ Connectors! You’ve never heard of ‘em?! They’re connectors that allow you to use your pushrods without bending them at all. You install the EZ Connector on the servo arm, slide the pushrod through it and tighten a little screw with a hex (Allen) wrench.

No more screwing the clevis in or out! If you want to adjust the length of the rod, just loosen the screw on the EZ Connector, hold the rod at the precise position you need it and tighten the screw again. Voila! 5-second fix.

You can buy Dubro Kwik Grip EZ Connectors at TowerHobbies.com, AMainHobbies.com and at many local hobby shops in packs of 2 for $2 or less.

If you’d like a cheaper alternative, check out HobbyKing’s 2mm and 1.5mm (pin diameter) versions for a little over $2 for a pack of 5.

New Tricycle Landing Gear on Super Cub

Around March I started getting itchy to fly the Super Cub out of the water and back on dry land. I had been thinking of ways to attach tricycle landing gear to it and put the energy and enthusiasm I had to it. I used the rear wire from the floats, still attached to its slot, an extra Hextronik HXT900 servo in the cowl and a DuBro Nosewheel to make this happen. I put 3 Dave Brown 3-inch Lectra Lite wheels on. It turns very tightly. I flew it once but got no video of it. It lands smoothly and although take-offs are a bit rough, they work out just fine.

SC on tryke landing gear sctryke2 sctryke1 scnosewheel2 scnosewheel1

In the following video I show the rig working: