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Flaperons Using T6A Radio

Recently, I was discussing the T6a radio at the Super Cub Club when the topic on flaperons came up. I decided to give it a try with my SC.

I started out with a servo on CH1 for the left aileron and a servo on CH6 for the right aileron. I programmed the first mix (MIX1) for standard ailerons as follows:

  • Mix Num: MIX 1
  • Source: CH1
  • Des: CH6
  • Up Rate: 100%
  • Down Rate: 100%
  • Switch: ON

If all you want is ailerons, this is where you can stop. Next, for flapperons, I used up the remaining mixes (MIX2 & MIX3). MIX2 for CH1 (Left Aileron) and MIX3 for CH6 (Right Aileron):

  • Mix Num: MIX 2
  • Source: VR B
  • Des: CH1
  • Up Rate: 75%
  • Down Rate: 75%
  • Switch: SW B
  • Mix Num: MIX 3
  • Source: VR B
  • Des: CH6
  • Up Rate: -75%
  • Down Rate: -75%%
  • Switch: SW B

This results in the ability to switch flaperons ON and OFF with Switch B (SW B) and adjust the angle of the flaperons by rotating Pot B (VR B).

There are many options and settings to play with here, including aileron differential; to read further, see the RCGroups.com post where I found the info I needed.

Here’s the video and the link to where I found the instructions: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=12916824&postcount=1705

Follow the thread at SCC: http://supercubclub.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=pb&action=display&thread=2948&page=2 starting with Reply #19.